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Hebrew Lunch Program
Mom! Dad! You'll never guess what I learned today!
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Our Lunch Program takes place in your child's public School during their lunch hour.
It is open for ages 3-13. This program offers a basic Hebrew and Jewish studies curriculum.

We bring cultural experiences: crafts, holiday foods and the Hebrew language to your child's school each week. A quality program without any schedule hassles.

This program is also offered at schools for children with special learning needs and for the sight and hearing impaired.

Registration fee for entire school year: 69$

The Free Hebrew Lunch Program takes place in 

  • Summit School, VSL
  • Summit Annexe, VSL 
  • Hampstead Elementary School, MTL
  • Mackay, MTL
  • Willingdon 
  • Parkdale 

 Please contact our office for more information or to start a Lunch Program in your school.  

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