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After School Program

After School Program


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After School Program

Mom! Dad! You'll never guess what I learned today!


Our After School Program takes place in different public schools in Montreal and around after regular school hours. It is open for ages 3-13. This program offers a Hebrew and Jewish studies curriculum.

We emphasize Hebrew, Jewish holidays, history and traditions. Trips, guest Jewish artisans and discussions, not rote memorization and lectures-that's our approach..

Our school uses the new, acclaimed Aleph Champ program to ensure that your child will read fluently at the end of his/her Hebrew School experience.

Please click on your child's school for more precise details:

Sample Day (times vary according to school hours):

  • 2:30 Arrival & Snack time (The fun is about to begin!)
  • 2:45 Davening time (Time for some Hebrew songs)
  • 3:00 Aleph champ time (Divide into levels and get ready to pass a stripe/level)
  • 3:45 Upcoming holiday/Mitzvah of the day/Jewish History (Always fascinating)
  • 4:30 Dismissal- Time to go home (Brighten up! We'll see you next week

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